Articulate 360/Presenter: Text Distortion in IE

Sep 14, 2017


I am trying to troubleshoot an issue where the course presentation has distorted font upon publishing. The course is then uploaded to an internal LMS. I do not believe the LMS is the cause of the compression. 

The font is badly spaced and distorted when the user plays it in Internet Explorer 11.

The font and formatting is perfect when the user plays it in Google Chrome. 

The course MUST be able to be viewed perfectly no matter what browser the user prefers. 

Any suggestions? I am attaching two photos to see the comparison. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Faye!  Thanks for that helpful detail.  Are you able to share your Articulate Package for me to do some testing?  You can attach it right to your post.

  • May I also ask what font you're using?
  • Also, do you see the same behavior in IE for both the Flash and the HTML5 output?

Thanks for reaching out...I'm happy to try and help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Faye,

Which version showed the issue - the Flash or HTML5 output? You mentioned the LMS not likely being the cause of the issue, but we've seen a number of LMSs forcing IE11 to display in compatibility mode (treats IE as if it's an earlier version of IE7) and that's caused a number of issues.

If you want to rule the LMS out, give it a test in SCORM Cloud. It's a free, standard for testing LMS output - and if it doesn't work there then you could share the course privately with our Support Engineers.

Laurie Foberg

I'm adding to this thread so that I can be notified if there is a fix to this issue. We are experiencing the same IE11 / font jarble problem. Only happens when launched from the LMS on subsequent launches. First launch, the font seems fine. (also checked ScormCloud, font works well there.)   Font used is Open Sans.  Published to HTML5 only.


Faye Suggs

Hi Ashley, 

What I found to be an issue is the Open Sans font. It is not recognized through IE and converts it to Times New Roman as explained in this forum. Additionally, when I sent the issue to Articulate support, this was an IT issue on my end apparently. The IT department at my place of work stated that McAfee needed to be updated. It worked, but this would need to be addressed across the board for everyone in the organization. Subsequently, Open Sans is the default in Storyline 360 (what I am using). As an alternative, I changed the font to Arial in the master slide and for feedback answers to quizzes. This will also have to be done for using Engage and Quizmaker as Open Sans is the default font there too. 

Unfortunately, this also was an issue with the font I used on my slide deck which is 'Century Gothic.' Prior to importing the PowerPoint slides into Storyline, I saved them as a Picture Presentation instead of a pptx file. The reason I did this is because the font was also getting converted/distorted when playing the slides in IE. I was getting feedback from clients saying the LETTER "F"  was missing from the slides. So that was definitely a font issue with IE not Articulate. As an FYI, if/when you convert the slides into a picture presentation you have to make sure that all of your changes are made first. 

Again, this is a work around until a better solution comes about. I find it to be a bit more work than I'd like, but it works for now. I don't do any editing in Storyline 360 until all of my changes are made in PPT first. 

Hope this helps.  

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