Articulate 9. Interaction and grades

Dear Sirs,


I´m using articulate 9 and I have some questions that I hope you can help me.


1 – It´s possible to put the full title in the tab? As you see in image in attachment EOE.png the title in the tab it´s not full, it´s “…Gestão de continuidade de ne……”. We want, if possible to have the full title that is “Gestão de continuidade de negocio”.


2 – It´s possible to put the tabs already seen in a different color, like grey? Image in attachment Certitools.png. As you see, when you have the tab open, the colour it´s grey, but when you leave it, the colour turns to the original colour (orange). We want the colour to be grey after you saw the tab and go to other tab. The tabs that you didn´t see should be orange.


3 – Whe we do the full course, the grade it´s register and sent to the LMS. But if we are going to do the same course again (to improve grade), it´s the last grade that it´s sent to the LMS. It´s possible to register the best grade and the number of attemps in LMS? It´s that a articulate configuration?


Thank you for your kindness.


Best regards.


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