Articulate and Blackboard


i need a little help with some problems that i'm having.

1º - Make a pop-up window to fullscreen of the content; (i'm using a button, but i what that fullscreen was automatic)

2º - Status - the course should permit the access to answer it  "n" times, when we make de quiz, obtaining under 70% , we receive the message "Run-Time Environment - Course Complete | Content |Suspend Close this window."

so what i need is to let the co-worker make the course many times has he can, to obtain the best mark he can.

Articulate isn't permitting this.

3º exit   function, i have a little button to exit, when i use it, close the course and go to the goodbye.html page, i want to press exit button and close the window, not appear only a blank page telling me to close the window.

could someone help me ?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Rui,

1) Sounds like you'll want to set your Browser Window Settings to Resize browser to fill screen.

2) You can learn more about setting the number of attempts permitted in a quiz here

3) And there could be several reasons why your Exit tab is not functioning the way you'd like it to. You can learn more about that here

Let us know if that's helpful