Articulate and ComplainceWire - Electronic Signature Help Needed

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I am reaching out to the collective wisdom of the forum for help!

I am responsible for developing courses at my company and I’m using Articulate Studio 09. Our LMS is ComplianceWire. All of our training items (controlled documents, Procedures, Policies, etc. ) require an electronic signature upon completion of reading the document but that feature has not been available for the more interactive SCORM courses… until now.

The electronic signature feature for the SCORM course type is being made available in the next LMS software upgrade. HOWEVER, in order to use the electronic signature feature for that type, ComplianceWire requires a number of files (css & JavaScript) be added to the published course files in order to facilitate the proper communciation and display of the esignature pop-up window.

The provided instructions say to replace the existing SCORM API file with the ComplainceWire provided apiwrapper.js. They do provide some guidance on making sure that any custom code or special naming would need to be copied over to the new ComplianceWire wrapper file, etc.

The problem is that I do not know what file generated by Articualte would be comparable to the apiwrapper.js file provided by ComplianceWire? There are no published files from Articulate with the same name or similar file structure to the ComplianceWire wrapper file.

My concern is that articulate splits the api wrapper content into several files where ComplianceWire assumes it will all be in one file? Is anyone else in the same situation?

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Ryan and welcome to Heroes! I'm guessing that this is something that you would simply add to the published output, not replace. If ComplianceWire has their own authoring software, maybe that's where the instructions are coming from. I'm honestly not familiar with the electronic signatures so you may want to contact the LMS and see if they can help provide specific instructions for integrating that feature with Articulate content.

Marvin Lee

Hello all. I jumped into this post because I am seeking resolution to the same issue described. I wanted to revive this discussion in the hopes that 3 years later ( the last reply to this discussion was in 2011) someone has been able to solve for incorporating the electronic signature eSignature feature from ComplianceWire LMS into an e-Learning course using Articulate Studio 09. I've just begun working in ComplianceWire but so far I haven't been able to resolve this issue.

Diane Horne

We use Oracle (fka Taleo, fka for our LMS needs and the workaround that I've come up with would be to create an "Instance" which contains an electronic signature and attaching it to the course. I haven't tried this yet but I'm thinking that would be the best choice. You can have the instance with the Electronic Signature pop up at the end of the course and the course will not be updated to "Completed" until the Electronic Signature is received.

Hope this helps.