Articulate and Internet Explorer 9


i have that weird thing, when i use Articlue presenter version 9, and windows explorer version 9, the problem that when i publish my course on our LMS, and open them from our LMS, any user who uses IE 9 can't open the course, as it keeps loading for ever, so i advised my users to use the conpatibilty view, and that made it works perfect.

now if i opened the course locally from my laptop after publishing it (also for LMS use) it can be opened on IE 9 even without turning the compatibilty view feature.

can you advice me why is that, is it because Articulate 9 is not compatible with IE 9 or there is a fix for that?

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Justin Wilcox

Hello and welcome to the forums! Articulate content is compatible with IE9. I would suggest downloading HTTP Watch as noted in this article to see if you can see if there is something going on:

I would also suggest contacting the LMS. The LMS may be launching the course in a way that IE9 doesn't like.