Articulate and Skillsoft Publisher & SkillPort

Hi All!

I was wondering if anyone in this forum has had experiences dealing with uploading courses made in Articulate and uploading them to Publisher & SkillPort? I've started doing that lately while unable to handle some system errors when uploading the packed course files... Did anybody have the same problem?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Claire!

I'm afraid I haven't worked with that combination. I found a post on this topic, however, that may help a little.

Check it out:

Loading AP course to SkillPort w/SkillSoft Compatibility Toolkit

You may also want to consider posting your question over in our Building Better Courses section for some additional exposure and feedback from the community. 

Also, if you can provide a little more information about what's happening, specific errors etc., maybe we can try to find some information that will get your project up and running.

Thanks and welcome again!