Articulate app on the Android

Does anyone know about issues with the Articulate app working on an Android player?

When I open a presentation in browser, I cannot get that course to open in the app, which means we cannot download for offline viewing.

When I open the same presentation on the iPad, it automatically opens in the app., the way it should.

Any ideas? Is this a setting that needs to be changed somewhere?

I have the latest version of the app and all files were published for mobile compatibility.

Thank you,


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Jesse Carleton

Sorry to drag this out - but it's still not working for me. Would you send me a tutorial? I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do. I'm not sure how to open the amplaunch.html in the browser. I thought this was the app; is it a web page? Is Articulate not formatted to work with an Android? Very confused here. It is very seamless and simple on an iPad, but not on an Android.