Articulate button in powerpoint stopped working...again

I had an issue a while back where my articulate presenter 09 buttons just did nothing. You could click all you want and the buttons would do nothing. I am referring to the "Slide properties" button, the "preview" button, the "publish" button etc.

This guide last year fixed my problem:

I had to simply install visual basic for shared applications. That fixed it. Windows must have done an update because they once again stopped working. I went back to that guide, but visual basic is still installed. I uninstalled it, rebooted and reinstall visual basic thus going over that guide again. The result was the buttons still do not work! I need help quick

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Ronnie Swietek

I noticed that the "Record Narration", "Add Annotations", "Sync Animations" and "Audio Editor" buttons produce an actual error which is:

"Compile error in hidden module: bConstantsAndAPIDeclarations. This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or architecture of this application. Click Help for information on how to correct this error"

Of course clicking help launches the Microsoft help thing which is always pointless and useless.