Articulate/Camtasia Audio Differences

Aug 29, 2012

Hi All,

I have an Articulate '09 course with some regular slides and some Camtasia slides that have been imported as FLV files. When watching the course, the Articulate-slide audio and the Camtasia-slide audio sound different.

1. The Camtasia slides sounds softer. They also sound higher quality/closer to the original.

2. The Articulate slides sounds louder. They are lower quality sound/further from the original.

Perhaps Articulate publishing doesn't re-encode the audio as well as Camtasia re-encodes the audio which is why the Articulate slides sound more like 16K mono rather than the 160K mono sound coming from the Camtasia slides?

Is there some way of increasing the quality of the audio on the Articulate slides so they sound more like the original/professional audio files?

(I can change the volume to make the Articulate and Camtasia slides sound more similar, but this doesn't address the quality difference.)

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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