Articulate not launching

Windows 7 machine, running Office 2007 and Studio 09.

Previously everything worked fine up until my departure for vacation on 6/30/2011. Upon my return on 7/17/2011, I am unable to launch or run any Articulate (Engage, Presenter, etc) applications. This is from within PowerPoint or from the desktop shortcut.

I have already attempted all of the potential solutions offered by Articulate Support via email, including a full un-install of Office and Articulate as referenced here:

Currently, I've asked our IT group to create a virtual XP machine for me to install Studio 09 on as a stop-gap workaround. This is not ideal, but I need to update some content ASAP and cannot afford to wait.


  • Has anyone else experienced this issue?   
  • Was there a recent Windows 7 update (or Office update) that is affecting Articulate Studio 09?
  • What other alternatives to running XP virtually can anyone suggest?

Support Case #00232439



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Justin Wilcox

Hi Paul.

I apologize for the difficulty here. I've escalated your case to my senior support team and requested they set up a complimentary web conference with you to help you resolve your issue. You shouldn't have to downgrade your OS to get the software to work so I wouldn't do that if you haven't already done that.

Paul Taylor Hess


The XP is definitely a stop-gap. I need to update some content that is acting buggy with our LMS (completion settings seem to be wonky, not counting some users as complete - I know, a separate issue) and it cannot wait much longer. 

I'll keep an eye out for another response from Support (they are contacting me via my work email of



Jose Antonio Gomes

Hi Paul...

I'm having the same problem... You already saw my post and replied...

I'm in Angola and I'll without Internet for about a week now... If you find some kind of solution would you please let me know...

I'm in the middle of an important work and getting desperate... I´m thinking about format my computer with all the hassle that brings...

My contact is:

if in the meanwhile i'll find something i'll let you know as well..

Many thank's


Brian Batt

Hi Paul,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet with you via a Gotomeeting.  We were able to resolve the issue by installing Update 8 of the Articulate software.

In case anyone else runs into this issue, here's how we were able to determine the cause:

1.  When we double-clicked the Articulate Presenter '09 icon on the Desktop, we received a "unable to find a runtime version to run this application."  This indicated a potential issue with the .NET Framework.

2.  I then looked in the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework folder and noticed that Paul had the .NET Framework 4 installed.  This was likely an update that was recently pushed from Windows.

3.  After speaking with Paul, we were able to determine that Update 5 of the Articulate software was installed.  Since .NET Framework 4 support wasn't added until Update 6, this was the root cause of the issue.

4.  Installing Articulate Studio '09 Update 8 resolved the issue

If you run into a similar problem, verify that you're using the latest & greatest version of the Articulate software by using the link below: