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Craig Wiggins

Steve Flowers said:

OK. I really wish there was a tool. Something crazy... I would call this tool Screenr and I would use it to fight evil. I would also use it to share all these neat demos with the rest of the world:P I really want to see what the folks in those rooms are seeing.

i heart this guy right now.

Will Findlay

Adam Schwartz said:

iPad content will be viewed via the browser. A user shouldn't have to download an app to view the content. Nor should the author have to get their content approved by Apple.

This is also a good thing in environments where installing apps may be disabled because devices are shared. That is how our department's iPad was configured. (No matter how hard I tried, Angry Birds would just not install).
Will Findlay

Has anyone tried iSwifter with Articulate files? http://iswifter.youwebinc.com/

It acts as a middle man between Flash content and the iPad - it essentially streams the video from the flash file to the iPad.

Our corporate iPad is locked down so I can't install the iSwifter app. I'm curious if all of the websites it works with are "hard wired" or if you can point iSwifter to a website of your choosing (like to my Articulate content).


Scalability is extremely important in this line of business. If Articulate won't do it, someone else will. Ask Apple! Consider the current business model at most corporations, schools, and the medical field. Either get onboard or get the heck out of the way, and that's the speed technology is moving at.

The company I work for will be outfitting all flight crews (3,000+) with iPads. Our training staff will be looking at using the iPad as a vehicle to deliver elearning computer based technology. So far, only one company is offering a development platform and... it's not Articulate. It's unfortunate as we do use Articulate's product in-house however, it appears they are not moving rapidly towards addressing a response with the current onslaught of iPad sales and it's abilities. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel...?

Steve Flowers

@J - Have a quick search through the forums for a tool called Storyline. You'll find a few photos of Articulate products still in development that run on iPads. They're working on it and have projected a summer release with an update to Studio that will also have HTML5 support.

I'll agree with you that platform flexibility is where tool makers should focus. Stuff should run anywhere in some capacity, even if it only runs great on a few select platforms. I do wonder, though, about demands that tool vendors support scalable outputs so it'll run on a closed and controlled device from another vendor Seems a little odd to me.

I personally wouldn't choose or recommend the iPad for deployment of content to my organization for just this reason. It's neat. I have one. So does my wife. My experience with mobile support deployment tells me most of them end up on a shelf or on a trash heap after a year. There is just enough closed control to the apple device to make me believe this cycle could be accelerated. I hope this changes. There's great potential in mobile deployment for learning and performance support.

Alexander Covan

I currently work with a team developing content specifically for fortune 500 sales forces who run all their presentations directly on iPads. With that trend... It can only be a matter of time before globe-trottting execs and sales people demand training on these devices. 

Was under-impressed by rapid-intake studio... it works but none of the pizazz of Articulate, and no audio on slides. It does demonstrate however that it is not so easy to convert all the animation, synchronized audio and interaction of a flash environment to HTML 5.

Alex Arathoon

Hi all, I want to add to my voice to the need to accommodateArticulate output for the iPad in HTML 5 / ios format. I have seen a basicconverter tool on this site somewhere a while ago. However, it appears that itjust converts Articulate PowerPoint slides to flat PNGs and so no interactivity is preserved –links / animations etc. I did not see any Quizmaker conversion functionality.

I have submitted a feature request but I want to keep up thenoise on this matter!
Our group need to produce platform independent material and so we can’t be restrictedby flash only devices. As already mentioned by some users we are also lookinginto M-Learning by Rapid Intake. The battle between Apple and Adobe looks farfrom ending anytime soon. If Articulate is to stay competitive it needs todevelop non flash output sooner rather than later.

Anyone else seen any promising conversion tools?



David Anderson

Hi Mike and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

Good news: Yes, there's a new program coming called Storyline and it will support iOS and HTML5. We're in beta now and there isn't a lot publicly available, but this thread has some answers to commonly asked questions: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/1694/9102.aspx#9102

Feel free to share that info with your clients!

Garry Hargreaves


I'd go the Asus Slate, i5, 4 MB Ram, SSDH 12" table running Win 7 - runs everything, integrates back into everything,  networks, fast , IT staff know them........You also go dual processor 10" table running win 7 etc etc



I'd wait for windows full blown Touch OS out in late Jan 2012 - support for hand gestures as well as the above.


Flash is a very mature product been around some 15 years with at least three iterations of its powerful scripting language alone.

HTML 5 is effectively a version 1 product – it is so new it is still being interpreted by various Browsers differently – its level of interaction cannot be compared to maturity of Flash.  So this uncertainlty will prove interesting for Storyboard to say the least. 


iPAD = great for fun as long as you don’t wish to see all the web sites in the world. 

Thanks Apple for selecting which sites I can view to their full potential.