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Sheila Bulthuis

I have a client who has asked me to put together training for their customers, and they want it to be available on every possible technology/tool – including iPads.  So I think I have two choices:  (1) Create it “exactly right” in Articulate and then make another version that can be used on non-Flash devices, maybe by creating a non-interactive version in Articulate and recording it as an mp4.  (2) Create just one version and figure out the best way to make it available on all platforms – maybe by using the Captivate 5.5 conversion to html5, maybe one of the other tools I’ve read about – which of course means making some best practices concessions to accommodate whatever limitations exist in doing this.  I don’t particularly care for either of those options, so I’m anxiously awaiting Storyline’s arrival! (Which sadly probably won’t be in time for this particular project.)  I’ve been searching through the forums for ideas, and have a few option I’m looking into, but if anyone has any great advice please pass it along!

I just registered for a seminar Tom K is doing here for the local ASTD chapter, the afternoon session is on how to get started with Storyline, so I’m fervently hoping that means the product will have been released by then!!

Bruce Graham


There is a thread over on "another place" which I started to discuss this yesterday, because there are/will be designs that work on PC, and not on iPad, (and probably vice-versa). Some are based on features, and some on design methodology.

Many suggestions are coming through on how this can all be streamlined and how Instructional Design(ers) can be assisted, and whilst probably not in SL at launch, I suspect some may make it into future versions.

I think my current strategy is to explain the differences in design to clients, and then let them make the choices.

I suspect I will have one version for PC and another for iPad, OR....design a version that works for iPad consumption, and then work with the client to see whether they need additions for a PC-based audience.

Wish I could say more, but hang on in there


Rick Koskinen

Gerry Wasiluk said:

@Gabe  + 1

@Phil +1

@Bruce +1

@Steve +10

Wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agree with my esteemed colleagues. 

Just, as I've cautioned before, keep your expectations in check if you've never seen the product before.  It is v1.  That said, I still believe, after working with it for a while, that it has a very bright future.

More when we can talk about it . . .

Gerry will attest to it: I remain a True Believer.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Manisha, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

You cannot use an iPad to create your courses. You've posted on the Presenter forum, which is a part of Studio 360, so I'll share those system requirements, which includes all of the hardware and software details needed:

Studio 360: System Requirements

Here are all of the details for the suite:

Combined System Requirements for All Articulate 360 Apps