Articulate Presentation Loading Problem

I just completed a simple Articulate presentation.  I uploaded it to a development server at my client's location.  

The end product consists of the following:

     PowerPoint Presentation (Off-2010) with no slide animations or transitions just images and text

     Narration Audio Clips (WAV format) - added to each slide using Articulate Presenter '09 audio import tool

     Narration covered all text information (slide and notes) for each slide

     Published with Articulate Presenter '09 for web presentation

     Files uploaded with FileZilla set for "binary" upload

I tested it and it does not load quickly when viewing on the Internet.  There is a time-lag between page elements loading with audio coming up before notes are visible,  text and images loading slower than background, etc.

Waiting an extended time alleviates this problem but is a drag when it happens viewing the presentation for the first time.

Any suggestions on what causes these delays?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen, 

Without seeing the course and test publishing it, it's hard to say for certain, but if it's loaded to a web site, one of the first things I'd check is the internet speed to determine how it's handling the download of your Presenter course. Additionally, you may want to test your course playback locally to see if you're experiencing similar load times which could be connected to large audio/video files or image heavy slides. If the content is working locally, but not on the web server, you may want to review this kb article. 

Another thought could be if you used the same image a number of times, but did not located it on a master slide. 

I'd also recommend reviewing the general system requirements for viewing Presenter content, and ensure your using one of the supported web browsers, and have up to date Flash player install. If you're still having difficulty, can you share your Presenter course by sending it to us here to test?  You'll want to package your files according to these directions. 

Allen VanBrunt


Thanks for responding!

I followed your instructions to see if I clarify the issue better for you.  Here's what I found.

  1. The presentation does not have complicated graphics, no videos, only audio narration files.
  2. Presentation loads and functions correctly on development computer, Work Network, and Internet.
  3. Presentation works correctly on Client network/Intranet only after repeated refreshes as if it takes a while for the whole presentation to load in the IE cache.  Once this happens, the presentation loads and runs well.

Client System and Software

Authoring Content

  • CPU                                 P8400 @ 2.26 GHz     
  •  Memory                           2GB
  • Available Disk Space   149GB
  • Display                            1280x 800
  • Multimedia                      Soundcard and microphone available          


  • Operation System                   WindowsXP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
  • .NET Runtime                          Microsoft.NETVersion 4.0.30319
  • Java Runtime Environment   Version6.0_37
  • Microsoft Office                        2010/2003-97
  • Adobe Flash Player                10.2
  • Internet Explorer                      7.0.6000.21357

Is there anyway to adjust the timing of the "loader page" to increase the amount of content that is cached?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen,

Thanks for sharing that all here and my apologies for a delayed reply (I was out of the office last week). All looks normal with your client set up and information. There isn't any way to increase the loading time, as content is preloaded in the following way.   Since you're able to view it normally on a number of other set ups, it seems to be specific to the client's network/intranet set up - is there someone on the IT there that could take a look at what's happening and holding up the course?