Articulate Presenter '09 - videos stall (stop then continue)

Sep 03, 2014

I have a few short videos inserted througout the course. They are all .fv files that were converted to .flv using Articulate Video Encoder.

I publish the files locally to my share drive, and they play without a problem. I publish them for LMS and load to HealthStream (our LMS), some learners have said the video stops playing, as if stalling, then continues. users click the back button then go forward, then the video plays.

Any thoughts?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doreen!

Here is our common troubleshooting for videos that do not play in the published content. It sounds as if you are unable to re-create this error. Have you tested your content in SCORM Cloud to see if you can re-create it? Is it certain users or just some users? Do we know if they have the correct viewing requirements or adequate connection to view the material?