Articulate Presenter '13 Not Working: Locking/Restricting Navigation

Presenter '13

When creating a linear course, we are attempting to lock the navigation, much like we have done hundreds of times before.  We go to slide properties and lock all slides.  When running the course, it definitely locks down the presentation: to the point that you cannot navigate past the first slide.  This is the same process we've used before, but it's not working now.  We've also tried using the locked and restricted modes from the menu, and it still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

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Carmen Toro

I am having a related issue. I want to restrict navigation so that a user must listen to the entire slide but doing that apparently doesn't allow you to navigate throughout an engage interaction. I have an engage interaction in the player tabs, once I access it in preview I can access all the parts of the engage, when I publish I cannot access any items in the engage.