Articulate Presenter 13 Training on Sharepoint not working

Aug 06, 2014

I created multiple training modules in 2013 and published them in the Web format on our internal public SharePoint site. All worked as anticipated until recently when our SharePoint site was migrated to a new version as part of our Office 365 upgrade.

After the upgrade, the training no longer works. There are prompts that ask me if I want to Save (download) and Open. (I do not have the option to Open it directly from the SharePoint). When I click Open, the training appears to start its launch but presents a white screen that stays until I close it. No errors are displayed.

Other files on the SharePoint site, including PowerPoint presentations do open correctly.

I have republished and copied ALL of the files back to the SP using Internet Explorer. I also tried publishing in other formats. I found that the .swf player file launches but the embedded links in the Resources section do not work and the performance is extremely slow when viewed remotely.

Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated.

8/13/14 - The SharePoint 2013 team has advised me that a .html player file format is "not compatible". They manually modified the file to .ASPX format and it is working as anticipated now. Is there a way to output the player file in the .ASPX format without having to go through the manual change?

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