Articulate presenter '13 with Engage freezing IE 11 on windows 7 in Moodle 3.3.3

I'm keep getting complaints form customers using Articulate presenter '13 presentations with embedded Engage interactions published as SCORM 1.2 content. The problem is freezing IE 11 on windows 7 in Moodle 3.3.3. Can't figure out what's causing this. I Know there were problems in previous version when content was opened in a new window. This is not the case here. SCORM opens in the same window - iframe in Moodle.

I would appreciate any help or advice. Just to mention that upgrading all courses to Studio 360 would be too expensive. Some customers have few hundred ppt's published with Articulate presenter.

Thanks in advance,

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Zoran.  Can you check this course link on your Windows 7 machine for me? We tested in IE 11 on a Windows 7 desktop with Service Pack 1, and the Engage interaction played normally.

Have you tested that same output in SCORM Cloud?  We use that as a proving ground when other LMS environments aren't playing back content correctly.  If it plays well in SCORM Cloud, I would advise reaching out to your LMS support folks to see if they can offer any insight.

Of course I'm happy to test your content on my end if you want to attach your file here!

Zoran Jancic

It appears to be some kind of networking problem. I traced network traffic and saw that it hangs on requesting /lib/yui/build/moodle-core-checknet/assets/checknet.txt. It is a small txt file (only 2 bytes) that Moodle uses every few seconds to check if network connection is OK. If the file is not received within 2 seconds, SCORM tracking problem alert pops up to inform a user that the tracking may be not stored because of unreliable or unstable Internet connection.  As the file is very small and all other Internet apps work well without any networking problems, I suspect it is a firewall problem. Maybe firewall stops the file for a while as if it was some kind of threath.
I also found this: A lot of other users are having the same issue and it's not related to Moodle only because other LMS systems have similar network connection checking mechanisms. So the bottom line is: network check lasts long than the limit set in LMS system. This leads to the content beeing stuck at certain point so the user can't continue except by exiting the lesson or quiz and starting all over again.

In my case, users that have this problem are only within client's company. From my company's network, there is no problem. So I'll investigate with their networking engineers and I'll check if there are some possible issues on Moodle's http server.