Articulate PResenter 2013 Update 7 & Scorm Cloud Tin Can API

Has anyone actually got an articulate presenter course working with Tin Can API and Scorm Cloud? Everything I have tried has failed. I recognize that I am new with Tin Can API and any help would be appreciated.

When I run my articulate course I get prompted for credentials from the Scorm Cloud Server (Username/Password) or I still get, "Unable to Connect to Server".  I have learned that I must provide endpoint via query string etc, but I guess I am doing something wrong. Does anyone have a working Tin Can API querystring that they could share so I could see the correct pattern?

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Andrew Downes

Hi Mike, 

You shouldn't need to get involved with the query strings yourself and in fact this may be the source of your problems. You should just publish the package for Tin Can, zip it up, upload it to SCORM Cloud and it should work. 

If not, can you share a screenshot of the relevant publish settings?