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Katie Riggio

Hi IT Mitr,

I'm happy to work with you to find the cause of those lines!

  • Do they appear in any project or just this one? 
  • Is it happening during preview, in the published output, or both?

Feel free to share the Articulate Package for me to test and try to reproduce. You can attach it as a reply in this public discussion or use this private upload link.

Katie Riggio

Hello IT Mitr,

Thank you for the extra clues above!

It looks like the LMS published output came through instead of the Articulate Package zip file. 

This is the source file for Presenter courses that contains a copy of the entire Presenter project, including the PowerPoint file, the Presenter file with audio/video resources, quiz files, and interaction files. It allows us to dig into the settings within Presenter.

Here are the steps to create this specific package and a quick video demo. Then when you're ready, simply upload this newly created zip file through this unique upload link:

Looking forward to testing!

Lauren Connelly

Hi IT Mitr!

Thank you for sharing your files! I've tested your project, and I'm not seeing the black lines on the right-side and bottom. However, I'm seeing the Engage interactions aren't playing. I'm sharing these files in your case and then I'm going to escalate your case to our Support Engineers. They'll continue the conversation via email in your support case.

Ren Gomez

Hi IT Mitr,

Thanks for providing the zipped package! I'll be sure to share it with our support team, though I just reviewed your case and noticed that you haven't replied to any emails our support engineers have sent you.

Are you not receiving them? 

Be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder to see if our email has been moved to this folder. If it has, please move the mail from your Spam/Junk folder and add the contact as a safe or allowed sender in your Spam/Junk settings and also add the sender as a contact in your address book.

If you can't locate our email on this folder, please ask your email administrator to add support@articulate.com to your allow list. We're standing by to help resolve your support request.