Articulate Presenter 5 Help

I'm using Presenter 5 and PP 2010, and I have run into these issues, any help would be appreciated ...

1. In PPT I get an Articulate menu in the Add-On tab, but not a ribbon. How do I get the ribbon to display (trried PPT options and the ribbon was not listed)?

2. The Articulate Menu does not have a preview item. I have heard rumors of this and it would be nice to have to avoid publishing the whole cours all the time to see if fixes too, how do I get this menu item?

3. When publishing, the slides often go well beyond the audio, is there an easy way to fix this?

4. After pblishing, screen shot resolution is terrible, how do I get better resolution?

5. After publishing, shome slides are missing object, or the objects are partially obsured with a solid color (again preview would be nice to see if changes to the objects fixed the issue) What is the best way to ensure all objects are correctly rendered?

Thanks for any and all help!


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Rob Phelps

I'll try that. I'm also having issus with syncing animations.  I'm using simple animations (fade in  and zoom in). When I go to sync, it correctly reports that I have 7 animations when I click the first it decrements the couter by 3 (the animation has two that follow after automatically) All the community posts related to this, the URLs to help no longer work!