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I am working on a test out module – you get ONE chance to pass the quiz and if you do – you get to skip the ILT.  If you fail, you have to attend the ILT.  So I have it set to prompt on resume.  

I failed the test and restarted the module and when it prompted me to resume – if I chose no, it allowed me to re-start the quiz – can’t do this!

So, I reworded the prompt and removed the word “no” from the button, but the button still shows and if you click there, you can re-start the training. 

Here’s my question – is there a way to REMOVE the other (no) button??  I am ok with making them click to move forward, but the training needs to start where they left off.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Connie,

There's currently no way to "force a resume", but I'd encourage you to submit the idea as a feature request. I think it's an important one. 

Alternatively, you may be interested in this older thread that discusses some unsupported methods for possibly achieving what you're looking for. 

Hope that's helpful