Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker: Pre-andPost-test dramas!

I'm hoping someone can assist!


I'm building a module where there's a pretest (with one try) and if they fail that they get another chance at the same test again at the end (again with one try).  I'm using the same quiz so that I can record the score from that one quiz.


I've built a pre-test and have branched it to:


- on passing - go to end summary of the module and then close


- on failing - go through the entire module and repeat the quiz at the end.


The branching is working fine.  In essence the pre-test is working fine.


When they get to the final test there's a problem.


If they've failed the pre-test it shows failed on the final and they can't get another try.  So, I changed it to one, two, then multiple tries.  That works fine in the final.   But as it's the same file, when doing that, the pretest loops and they have two or more tries in the beginning, which is not what I want. 


My settings are: on properties in ppt view are


  • Allow user to leave quiz:  at any time
    User may view slides after quiz:  after attempting quizShow in menu as:  Single item


When I open Quizmaker and go to the results, failure screen, settings are:


  • allow user to retry quiz - 1


I'm totally stuck and hoping someone can help.  Thanks so much!


Cheers, Lucy on behalf of
Catherine Mattiske



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lucy, 

Thanks for sharing your explanation here - so to boil it down, the user is potentially taking the same exact quiz more than once? So if they fail it the first time, they're given the opportunity to take it again right away? You mentioned setting up some branching - was that from your results slide or from somewhere else in the course? Perhaps if you're able to set the "passed" branching from an earlier point...? I'm having a hard time visualizing the set up. 

I know I've seen a lot of pre/post test set ups in Storyline but not as many in Quizmaker/Presenter likely due to how it's a bit more linear and locked down. 

ID9 Global

HI Ashley

Thanks for replying.  Yes  - you are correct - - Same quiz - in two places, beginning and end

- If first quiz is 100% correct -  shows the result in quizmaker with score. They click next, then next slide shows congratulations (in ppt), then branches from the congratulations slide to the end.

If first quiz is <100% then shows the result in quizmaker with score.  When they click next it branches to the next section and through the entire module.  They should not be given a 2nd chance to do the quiz until the end.

The issue is that if I set it to multiple tries, they see this in the beginning, rather than only being able to do the test once in the beginning.





Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lucy,

There won't be a way to change how the quiz behaves based on when they access it. You could look at using two separate quizzes (even if they are duplicates, making separate items) but then you'll need to track by including both of them which could skew your overall results as if they only ever took/passed the pre test they wouldn't have the points for the post test calculated as well. 

Perhaps others in the community who have created similar set ups in Presenter/Quizmaker will be able to share their expertise here with you!