Articulate presenter keeps FREEZING on last slide

I am using Articulate 13, 2010 PowerPoint with sound files and 64 bit. However, a course I am creating ALWAYS freezes when the slides are generated on slide 158 of 159 slides. I have been making courses from this powerpoint for a year with no problems in 2013. I saved the program as a 2010 ppt, and reinserted all sound files which disappeared for some reason when I move the program to my other computer. I see no other problems with any other part of the program. HELP!

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Daniel  Feerst

Yes. I am working locally. I am aware of the need to do that.
Here is the problem: On a 160 slide program with sound files
working the last slide, say slide 159 will process for 20 solid minutes
making it appear as though the program is non-responsive and frozen.
Not true. Wait. Wait. Wait. If there is any red light blinking on your
computer, indicating the hard drive is "alive" it will complete.

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