Articulate Presenter - Losing Audio on reuse of slides

I have created a rather large course.  In developing it, I have created it in 6 sections.  I  completely published each section so they could be reviewed.  Now I want to put them together.  I took the first section and renamed it with the overall course name.  This worked fine and I did not lose anything.  Then, I went to Home, New Slide, Reuse Slide to bring in the next section.  I brought in all of the slides of the next section ( I checked "Keep Source Formatting") of the course but when I went to Articulate, Import Audio to make sure my audio was there, it was not.    Please tell me there is a way to create a course in sections and then put it all together.  Please help me to do this and not have to re-import all of my audio.  I have already synced animations withe audio.  Thanks in advance.

By the way, I am using Articulate Studio '09 with PowerPoint 2007.

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Dwayne Schamp

I'm not sure this can be done as I understand the way you are describing this.

The audio for each PPT file is located in the PPTA file for that PPT file. (pres1.ppt, pres1.ppta).

Copying slides from the PPT file and pasting into a new file will not carry the audio over to the new PPT file, as that new PPT creates a new PPTA, or uses the one for the main PPT file.


Pres1.ppt uses the Pres1.ppta (audio, videos in here.)

Pres2.ppt uses the Pres2.ppta (audio for Pres2.ppt is still in Pres2.ppta and does not carry over)

Copying slides from Pres2.ppt will only bring over those items in the slide, and not the items from the PPTA file.

You'll have to re-import all the audio for each section into the main file (videos will need to be re-imported as well).


I do not, have not, and will never use the Synch animations tool. I always use the PPT animation pane to avoid these types of issues. That way, if i need to update or re-import audio from course to course, I don't have to re-synch them. I also have much more control over when things happen and I can see when they do.