Articulate Presenter & Quizmaker-Multilanguage Support

We have a requirement to develop English version of a course in Articulate. The English version course will include content slide as well as quizmaker assessments. This also need to be tanslated to 6 languages listed below.

International Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian

We need to know if  Articulate 9.00 has complete support to all the languages listed above?

Kindly let us have your comments at the earliest possible as we have to send our response in next 4 hours.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Ulka,

Both Presenter and Quizmaker allow you to customize the language on your player. Here are a couple articles that list the pre-installed languages available:

I see that Russian is not listed as one of the pre-installed languages in either program, but you can certainly create your own set of custom text labels with your own Russian text.

Also wanted to mention: Switching the text labels as described in the articles above will change the language on your player features/prompts/buttons, but any slide content will of course need to be translated directly by you or your developer. 

Hope that helps!