Articulate Presenter - SABA LMS Malformed error when uploading

Oct 23, 2017


Uploading a Presenter creation with 5 (embedded from file) videos, and essentially that's it. I published to Articulate Online, previewed fine no issues. 

When uploading the content into my LMS (Saba) I get an issue MALFORMED. Do I not have something configured correctly for a SCORM 1.2 output into an LMS? Was wondering if anyone has run across this issue, I didn't see anything really similar to this in previous posts. 

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Natasha Leigh

Just thought I would follow up if anyone else was having this issue. I've been trying to troubleshoot for a few hours now! 

First, I recommend trying to import content through the Content Library option within Saba, it gives a little more detail on the specific error that was happening. While one error just said MALFORMED, what was really happening was this error: 

(43269) Invalid content. (*)ERROR: Failed to extract the manifest file from content package. Possible cause: The markup in XML document (manifest file) preceding the root element is not well-formed.

With a little digging I realized that this was a language issue associated with Articulate. 

First and foremost, make sure all of your videos and resource documents are in the same folder. I've been trying to import them from cloud folders. This may not have a direct correlation to the issue, but as one of my final steps I made this change and I was able to successfully import my content. 

I think the primary reason I was having issues was special characters of my attached content. This training had imported videos and imported PDF activities. Both of those had special characters since the training was developed in Spanish. I shortened the video file name and the PDF file name. Once I published, zipped and reimported I was able to successfully get it to import. 

Hope this saves someone else some headache! 

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