Articulate Presenter zip file extremely large cant upload on lms

Hi everyone,

I published a zip file on presenter and the file size is too large 389MB. Im not sure what is going on.

The module has just 6 slides, with an flv video embedded in the 5th slide.

I have produced many modules and have never had this issue.

Our IT staff recently installed a program Winrar.So the zip files are winrar compressed zip files.

I'm not sure if thats what the problem is.

Please help!!



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Peter Anderson

Hi Maurine, 

I'm not sure what might be going on, but it's possible there's a conflict with the new program. Have you tried using the below methods?:

  • Use the built-in Zip feature on the Publish Successful dialog after you've published your Articulate content. It'll automatically create a well-formed zip file.
  • If you manually zip the output files, make sure that you only zip the contents of the output folder, not the folder itself.
  • Uninstalling the new software and retrying
Joe D

I am currently having the same issue with Storyline.  I zipped my presentation using the "Publish" feature.  It created a Zipped file, but it did not compress it very much.  Especially not enough to upload to our sharing site.  What's weird is that I did the exact same process on Friday and it worked fine.  It compressed it perfectly.  I'm not sure what could have happened over the weekend.

Any suggestions would be great.

Peter Anderson

Hi @Maurine! Curious to know how the zip went after removing the other (possibly conflicting) software)...

And hi @Joe, welcome to the community! If you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Can you share your file here, or send it to us privately, so we can try to help out?


Maurine  Kwende

Hi Joe,

Our IT folks still havent had the chance to uninstall winrar since they are out of office so i am stuck with these modules:-( I created another module and the zip file is still large 219MB.I will send it to you privately so you can take a look.I hope it uploads.

Stay tuned.


Dwayne Schamp

We used to have an issue with our 7.5 install of SumTotal where any zip file over 50 meg had to be done in two parts. We would zip everything but the Data folder. Uploading that zip file worked as it contained all the needed SCORM info for the LMS to create the learning event. The folder created by the LMS would be located (which was found in the course details from the Admin page) and the data folder uploaded to that folder separately.

You might try this approach and see if it is something that will work for you.

Where is that...oh, here's my soapbox...

FLV files are already compressed, so there's not much more you can do to them besides lowering the quality and size of the video itself, which you shouldn't have to do. Video is one of those things that people have come to expect as high quality over the web. So having anything less than you can create (we use 720 or 1080 in all our courses) is, in my opinion, unacceptable. The onus is now on the LMS team to figure out how to make the LMS work as designed and accommodate the training staff.

Training courses should never be referred to as "too large". The content is the content. And if the design is sound, and the parts of that design are deemed worthy by the ID and developer to be in the course, size shouldn't be an issue.

Which is why we pushed for the update to 8.5, where we do not have that issue any longer and can upload courses as large as 400MB (haven't done any larger yet).

OK, time to get down.

So, the upload issue is not a problem with the course being to large, the issue most likely lies with the LMS.

Maurine  Kwende

Thanks so much Dwayne for your input.I will try the above approach and see if it works.

I also had a suggestion to have the file hosted by a third party video site and then embed the link as a web object into the project.

The third party site is asking for a ridiculous fee to have this hosted which is not an option.

I will try the above and work with the hosted lms provider if they can have a workaround on this.

Will keep you posted and share outcome.



ahssan moshref

Hi I have updated a file that was previously created in Storyline1 to Storyline2.

I did this because the file that was created in Storyline 1 and uploaded on Moodle is for some reason now working. ( blank Screen. I can still click but the screen is blank)

SO i hoped Storyline 2 might solve it. ( maybe a plugin issue)

Now exporting files in Storyline 2 and the zip file is over 900MB when the unzipped folder is 33MB.

Can someone help me with this?

alternatively i can zip the unzipped file but would like to know why i get a large file like this.