Articulate SCO will not call terminate when closed in Opera 11

OS: Windows XP Home Edition sp3

Browser: Opera 11.10

Articulate Presenter '09 v6.3.1009.1313 Pro

Quizmaker '09 v3.3.1009.1313

Custom Built LMS

Symptoms: When I am viewing a course in Opera and close the window that the course is in the course does not make its call to terminate or commit etc.  The window just closes.  The behavior expected is for the courses to finish up with all the proper calls to terminate and a final commit.  I put up a test course with only four simple slides in it and 1 simple quiz.  I published for LMS with scorm2004 2nd ed and chose the quiz as the means to determine if passing or not.  The lms is a custom built lms that has been running strong for over a year.  I have recently gone back into my code to trouble shoot some intermittent reporting problems.  I have not changed any code except set some no-cache headers.  When I tested the lms before launch a year ago the courses worked with opera but a lower version.  I would like to know if anyone would like to help me confirm the problem or see if they can re-create the problem using my articulate course as well as possibly making their own and testing on their own lms.  This would help me determine if is either opera, my lms code, articulate, ???.

I have attached the sco to this message as well as the debug info from when I ran the course.  The debug info shows that the course just exits without calling the terminate or commit functions.


Ray James

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