Articulate Studio '09 and '13 coinciding...

Hello, I'm curious to know if my company were to purchase the new '13 studio package, once installed, will this replace the '09 studio package?  Or can both versions live on one computer and both be accessed when needed?

I ask only because I'm pretty sure some of our clients will not upgrade, and some will.  And we'll need to support both.


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Bob Mongiovi

One can only hope!

I do have a followup question, although I pretty much can guess what the answer will be, but just in case....

Will a course built in Studio '13 be able to open in '09 (backwards compatible)?  I'm guessing no since '13 will have features not available in '09.  If that is the case, would it still be backwards compatible if we didn't use any new features in '13?


Barbara Kay

Do I understand correctly that I would have to buy it twice?  That seems somewhat unfair!

Had there been a warning that the release of Studio 13 was imminent, I could have bought Studio 09 last week, installed it on my PC and my laptop and then just upgraded one of them (free!) to Studio 13. 


James Hinkle

I too have clients that are sticking with 09 for a while. Some will be upgrading their courses over the next couple of years while others might not at all. If I upgrade from Studio 09 to 13, will I be able to leave my existing copy of 09 on one computer and install an upgraded copy of 13 on the other so that I can support both or do I have to purchase a new license of 13 in order to still use the 09 license?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

You have the license for '09 and you can leave that on a computer and continue to use it.

If you purchase an upgrade, you will get a Studio '13 license number and that can be installed on another computer.

I think that's what you are asking. You don't have to purchase anything special or an additional 'anything' to continue with '09.

Diane Smith

Hi Ashley,

I'm trying to run Presenter '09 (and QM/En) off PPT'10 to support older elearning developed in the past, as well as Presenter '13 (and QM/En) off PPT'13 for developing new materials.

I understand from this forum (and my own frustrating experience) that the two cannot coexist on the same PC without a virtual environment.  I wish this was not so, as I am very accustomed to running older versions of applications simulataneously on the same PC, ie: SL and SL2; PPT'10 and PPT'13. Nevertheless, I need a solution for Presenter '09 and '13. So, I'm willing to try the VMWare solution.

Which VMWare are you using? I visited their website, and VMWare has dozens of programs. Which one did you install?

Thank you for posting this solution!