Articulate studio 09 Publishing for ipad/tablets

Hello ,

I'm a newbie to publishing so content can be viewed on  ipad/tablet users.I currently publish for LMS with Articulate 09 to be used on desktops.

To publish so that content can be viewed both on ipad/tablet users, and desktops, how do I go about it?

Will the output file work for both ipads and desktops or do i need to publish for desktop(LMS option) and ipad seperately.How will this work on the lms? How do i convert the files i have now so they can work on both mediums? Do i have to republish them? I didn't create most of the existing courses so do not have access to the PPT files or PPTA files

Are they any browser compatibility issues with Articulate studio 2013 with IE?

Thanks for your help,


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