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Dan Wagner

I am a Ph.D. student in IT education and am also interested in knowing more about the release date. If the account manager who contacted me is accurate in his thoughts, the base price of the '12 version is less than the total cost of the discounted '09 version with the service agreement. Why would I pay more now to have to learn the current version and a new version within 7 months?

I understand software development and the commitment to quality (which I fully appreciate), but also understand that you can't keep customers waiting indefinitely.

Christine Wessels

@Adam, I've yet to hear from a sales associate however, I echo Dan's sentiments. I am working on my M.Ed. in Instructional Technology as well. At this juncture, there is no incentive to purchase Articulate '09 as the math doesn't even break even (assuming that '12 will be offered at a comparable cost to the standard '09 price). Most software vendors offer something in the way of a price break when a new release is on the horizon. I purchased the eLearning Suite from Adobe (includes Presenter, Captivate, Audition, etc.) and they included a free upgrade for an additional cost (not $500) (they're getting ready to release CS6 soon). Part of the reason I don't currently own a copy of '09 is that it is not Section 508-friendly whereas Adobe Captivate is. When I heard that '12 would be [increased accessibility], I became interested in using it to develop my final project which, will require me to own a license for more than the standard 30-day trial.

So, if push comes to shove I am inclined to stick with Adobe as they offer generous student discounts and their products provide all of the features that '12 claims to be coming out with (Section 508/accessibility, HTML 5/Mobile dev, and screen recording). In a previous job I had to work with Articulate '09 and as long as you don't push the envelope it works okay, but I encountered a lot of bugs (slide properties froze after a certain amount of time; skewed graphics; and just generally strange anomaly's that the support desk was unable to replicate or solve). My hope is that '12 has worked out these kinks but again, if they can't at least make it cost-effective to purchase '09 and upgrade to '12 within the next 6 months then I won't purchase at all.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Linda

That's definitely going to be possible. Studio '12 will allow you to import Studio '09 projects and publish to HTML5 and for the Articulate Mobile Player app for use on iPad, as well as Flash. Check out some of the other forthcoming features of Studio '12 here, and if you have any questions on upgrading or signing up for the Platinum Membership Plan, feel free to contact our sales team. Thanks!

Dan Laicha

My company is looking hard into what Articulate Studio has to offer..and I really think it fits our needs to do internal training.  However, I'm just a bit concerned that if we payed full price for Studio '09 that we would be stuck paying full upgrade price once '12 hits the market.  Is there anything you can tell me about the upgrade so that we do not need to wait until '12 is released so that we don't waste money?