Articulate Studio '13/Storyline files in Oracle Peoplesoft ELM

Feb 06, 2014

Issues/Concerns/Suggestions related to Articulate Studio '13 and/or Storyline courses in Oracle Peoplesoft ELM.

Our company has been using Studio '09 for several years. We are looking to upgrade to '13 and/or Storyline. However, we've run into a glitch with our ELM administrator who wants us to build courses in the two programs so we can upload them and try to "break the system." In other words, find out potential glitches--interactions, features, etc. that will not work correctly in the ELM. From my research, it seems that the navigation, interactions, content, etc. of the course won't affect the ELM. It's the SCORM settings that we need to address more than anything. Am I right?

Has anyone else upgraded from '09 to '13 and are using the ELM? Do you have a functionality checklist you used to check for specific problems/issues? Anyone have a publishing guide on how to publish SCORM compliant courses developed in Articulate to upload to the ELM?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Rody Lundgren

Although it has been some time since this was posted, we have PS ELM 9.2 and just started developing content using Presenter '13.   We are able to successfully track basic content using AICC (not scorm), the rule we set up 'view x of xyz slides' is being followed and users that view all required slides are successfully marked complete.  No issues with end users launching, viewing, interacting or navigating within the course. However, we are having an issue with desired "Resume" (i.e. Bookmarking) behavior.

Bookmarking is not being honored by our LMS and we cannot figure out where to resolve this on the Presenter '13 side.  In Presenter's Player Menu under 'Resume' behavior  we select "Prompt to resume" for the 'On restart field' and check the box for "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie".   Unfortunately, when the end user leaves the course and later returns, it is not prompting to ask if they'd like to start from the beginning or resume from last stop. It is starting the course from the beginning because the location where the learner left the course is not being passed to the database.   We cannot figure out how to get the technology to populate the 'location' where the learner last left off even though AICC files are successfully being uploaded into the LMS when the course is set up, every slide has a title, and the two simple Resume selections are set up as desired in Presenter.

Rody Lundgren

I think that all looks well from an Articulate setting perspective - the choices to enable "Resume"/Book marking are fairly straight-forward, I'm working with our LMS team to try and resolve.  The answer the LMS team keeps giving is that "Location" information is not being passed along. But I have no 'Location' field to fill out on the Presenter '13 end.   If I go the SCORM Cloud route I'd have to set up a fake course, content is not approved to share outside company.  I'll cross that bridge if still stuck after LMS team responds. Thank you.

Rody Lundgren

Following the advice listed here:

That advice successfully resolved the failure to bookmark issue we saw with Presenter '13 and PeopleSoft's ELM 9.2. 

Solution: Remove the '\rln' text from the content's AICCFunction JavaScript file.  Once that text string is removed, bookmarking functions as desired.

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