Articulate Studio '13 zip file will not open on Word Press

I am posting training to our WordPress site but the training will not execute.  It asks if you want to save the presentation.html file as a Word document.  I think our enterprise McAfee Security settings are the issue but our security team isn't buying it.  They have whitelisted the wp_content and the site where the training sits but it hasn't helped.  All I know is that when I loaded the training using the Articulate plug-in, the training used to execute.  And now, none of it will. 

I need help from the community on this one.  Has anyone had this experience with this and what was the solution?

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Pam Robinson

Thanks Christie -- I looked at all of the posts in the links that you provided and I appreciate them but they aren't addressing my issue. 

We have the WordPress premium plug-in and I don't receive any error message upon upload. This is a new issue.  Existing training on the site that used to execute just fine, now suddenly no longer execute and the site asks me to save the presentation.html file as a Word file.  I still believe a setting in our enterprise McAfee security software that is to blame.  I think there is a security setting preventing .zip files from opening but I don't know which one and our security team doesn't either. 

Security is working on tightening things up and this is a new problem, because again training used to display just fine up until now.  That's why I was reaching out to the community because it may be some new update or patch that security software has instituted that is causing the problem.  I will also reach out to the McAfee forum to see if they have any information on what could be causing this.

Christie Pollick

I see, Pam -- Many thanks for the update and the additional details on your theory that your McAfee security software may be playing a role in the behavior your are experiencing. I will need to defer to your fellow community members to share any additional ideas or information there, as that is not an area for which we'd be able to provide support. 

Pam Robinson

UPDATE:  Thanks for your help, Christie.  FYI, the problem was a WordPress site issue not a security issue as I had first thought.  It was resolved quickly by the host's site administration team.  I wanted to close the loop on this question just in case this happens to someone else in the future.