Articulate Studio appearing too small in Internet Explorer 9


This is the problem we are experiencing with Internet Explorer 9. When we log in and download the Articulate file it comes up this small and you cannot work in it.

In the second image Below I did a screen dump when I logged in with Google chrome and you can see it is normal size.

Please could you investigate and let me know what the solution is as most people use Internet Explorer and we are getting inundated with calls about this problem.

Any help please?

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning James,

Wow! That is pretty tiny. It almost looks like it's displaying it as a slideshow in Internet Explorer for some reason. How are you publishing? Are you using HTML 5 output?

Also, are you able to share a link to the published presentation, so I can do some browser testing?



Saenna B Ahman

A few times this has happend to my users and the problem was that the Zoom in Internet Explorer was set to some crazy value (like zoomed WAY out)., i just had them reset their browser's zoom to 100 percent and the problem went away, everything displayed like it was supposed to. Mmaybe that will help your users too, david?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rohit,

I don't see where David shared his file, but if you notice Saenna's post - she said she encountered the same thing and it was due to the browser being zoomed way out. Have you checked those settings? Can you confirm if it's happening for all your users in IE 8 or in any other browsers? 

If you'd like to share the link to the published output, I'm happy to let you know how it displays on my end as well. 

Rohit Manjrekar

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply!

I did try Saenna's solution, but the course appears small at 100 percent view.

This is happening for courses that have been published only using Studio. I don't have any problem with courses developed in Storyline and Captivate and they play fine.

Would it be something on the LMS side?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rohit, 

It sounds odd that it's only happening with Studio courses and not Storyline...but here are a few thoughts you can try - 

If you think it's specific to the LMS, you can test it by loading a course up to SCORM Cloud - if you're able to view it fine there, you'll want to let your LMS team know. If the same problem happens in SCORM Cloud, can you share the course with our Support team here?   You'll want to follow these directions to package your Presenter files.  If you share your file with Support, please let us know all the specifics of what browsers it doesn't work in.

If this was a recent development, you may also want to conduct a simple repair of your Studio software.  

Rohit Manjrekar

The issue here is with the IIS server and hence the content does not display correctly. The workaround we have used is to add Port 8080 to the web address of the resource within the LMS launch properties and it worked.

For example, the web address should be:

http://IP address:8080/LMS name/ and the Web address of the resource

Also, if you have various file formats within your courses, please add it to your MIME configuration settings so that the web server filters content correctly.

Guy Giguere


I'm late to the game on this discussion but I'm hoping someone can help. I am experiencing the same problem regarding the training displaying in a very small/illegible format. I used Articulate Presenter 09 to develop the learning module and it is hosted on our company intranet with Internet Explorer 9. As others have indicated, the training displays fine with Internet Explorer 11, FireFox and Google Chrome. There's also no LMS involved. Does anyone have any other ideas what might be causing the problem?

Maria Pedersen

Hello everyone.

I´m kind of facing the same problem as above.

Some of our students are experiencing that the file is smaller than normal. They can hear the speaker, but the window is just too small for them to see.

I havn´t got any problem with my computer so it is really hard for me to help them - it is just few of our students who is complaining.

The students are using a computer (not iPad or MAC), they are working in Windows 7 or 8 and they have tried in IE, Google Chrome and Firefox.

I have uploadet a file in SCORM cloud and everything seems to be allright.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,




Maria Pedersen

Hi Leslie,

It seems like Adobe Flash Player is the problem.

Some of the students have the newest update of the program and when they take our files in Google Chrome, the appearing seemed smaller.

I have experienced it my self now, and we can solve the problem by zooming in or out as mentioned above, or by using Internet Explorer instead.

I´ll return if the problem keeps on going.