Articulate Studio or Storyline to accomplish quizmaker branching

Hello, I have articulate studio and not sure if this is possible to do in studio but perhaps storyline? My course (articulate studio 13) has 5 sections and at the beginning of each section I would like to have the user answer a quizmaker question- if they get it right they have the opportunity to skips slides in presenter (it's an engage interaction) and go directly to the next section. If they get it incorrect they go to the content to review. So on the feedback slide for the question...I would like to have a button that says something like 'great- you know your stuff' click here to go to next section or 'click' here to review the content...I know I can create some slides in quizmaker and branch within quizmaker...but I want to branch to slides or an engage interaction outside of this possible?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielle,

Within Quizmaker you'll only be able to choose to branch to slides that exist in Quizmaker - so not a way to tell them which slides to skip in presenter. You asked if it was possible in Storyline, and since Storyline allows for the quiz questions directly in the .story file you could adjust the branching there or utilize triggers to determine which path the user is to take. 

Steve Gannon


Quizmaker allows you to direct users to one slide if they pass a quiz and another slide if they do not. Take a look at the Properties in the Quizmaker placeholder slide that appears in your Presenter piece to adjust these settings. Also take a look at the "Edit Result" feature within your Quizmaker quiz.