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Ellen Zimmerman

Hello Peter,

Thanks for asking! I actually took my Mac in and let the shop increase my virtual sides memory and check everything out. They said it was working when I picked it up but when I tried it at home, the tab was gone. I think that they restarted the VM to check but did not restart the computer, possibly. They did tell me that there was a message stating PowerPoint was loading each time it started that did not seem right to them.

I have taken it back to them and I am waiting to hear something today. I have never had any problem with running anything on the virtual machine until now and I really don't find anything unusual. I'm hoping the Apple guys can figure it out.

It really runs faster on the Mac VM than a Windows unit.

Ellen Zimmerman

Well, it appears the issue was something to do with Windows 7. I had no known issues other than the Articulate tab disappearing but after the shop loaded Windows 7 on a new VM and reloaded the software, it works. There seems to have been some problems maybe caused by the fact that I upgraded from XP based on what the "shop guy" said he found. After about five or six calls to Microsoft, they told him how to get it fixed. Hope that helps someone else!

Now, I finally get to play some more with the software! I'm creating some new quizzes. And, thanks so much for so many wonderful tutorials! They are descriptive, short, and very informative!