Articulate Tab Not Showing in PPT

At first, the Presenter add-in was disabled. So I clicked COM add-ins, selected the check boxes for Articulate Presenter Ribbon and Communicator (whatever that is), restarted, but the Articulate tab is still not present in PPT. When I go back to check the add-ins, they are still disabled.

My licenses for the rest of Studio work.

Is there something I can do to get Presenter working?



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Ali Goulet

Hi Amy,

Sorry this is happening! It sounds like you may have to verify your trust center settings in Powerpoint. Check out this article in the second section for how to do that. 

If it's still not appearing after going through that whole article, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers directly by way of this form. They'll be able to investigate with you further to get your Articulate tab up and running as quickly as possible. If you go that route, you can let me know the case number here and I'll follow along with it. Thanks!