Articulate360 Presenter - List of HTML5 Animations

Has anyone tried these HTML5 animations, they show as a fade for me?

Circle, Wedge, Wheel, and Wipe

When I have time I will test the other animations.  For Articulate:

I use a PC with Windows10 (up to date) with PowerPoint 2016.  I test my projects on an iPad Air (Gen 4), Samsung S5 Android Phone, and iPhone 6.


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I tested all the Presenter HTML5 Entrance Animations in Articulate 360 using PowerPoint 2016.  Here are the ones that do not have a corresponding animation in PP2016, Ascend, Descend, Faded Zoom, and Swish. 

Here are the ones that default to a fade effect, Blinds, Box, Checkerboard, Circle, Diamond, Dissolve In, Plus, Split, Strips, Wedge, Wheel, and Wipe.

Here are the animations that work for me, Appear, Basic Swivel, Basic Zoom, Boomerang, Bounce, Center Revolve, Curve Up, Drop, Fade, Float Down, Float Up, Fly In, Grow & Turn, Pinwheel, and Zoom.

Sure wish Wipe, Strips, Circle, and Wheel worked since I use these fairly often. :)



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Keith, sorry for the confusion. On the list of supported animations, the gray highlighted circles show a note on mouse hover that says, "Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge don't support mask animations. This animation will be replaced with an Appear animation in HTML5 output."

Here's a quick video that shows the note when the mouse hovers over the highlighted circles.