assistance in building elearning courses

hello everybody,

I find this community great and I admit it helped me a lot when starting to do elearning (3 month ago).

I finished already 2 courses (I work in Health and Safety field), but I really want to ask for an opinion about them. Is there a quality support or something to validate beginners?

I was wondering if there are online courses for elearning beginners, that explains all the steps for doing a good job. I followed all the steps described here, but I have the feeling the courses are not so pro as they should (of course, the lack of experience speaks).

Many thanks for your support and bravo for all the implication and help you are giving here!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Cristina!

Congrats on finishing your first few projects This, as well as our Building Better Courses forum, are both great places to share work and get feedback and advice from fellow developers. Just share a link to your published course, and I'm sure you'll get some great dialogue going!

Additionally, I know some members of our awesome community have even collaborated on a few Storyline user guides if you're interested in learning more about that.  

Cristina Milicescu

hello Peter and many thanks for the response. the resources are really great, I try to make a habit to read as often as I can.

can you recommend me a link where I can post one course? for the moment I only make the course for Oracle LMS and I don't know any link where I can post.

for the moment I don't use storyline, only articulate presenter

have a nice day!


Peter Anderson

Hi again Cristina!

If you want others to view your published Articulate content but don't have a web server, one quick way to share your course is to sign up for a free Dropbox account.

Then, upload your published content to the Public folder in your Dropbox account as demonstrated in this video screencast:

Or, publish directly to your Dropbox\Public folder as demonstrated in this video screencast:

Cristina Milicescu

hello Peter,

I send you the link

today I found new information on site and I'm not sure I understood correctly how to manage and deal with this elearning tool. 

many thanks for the feedback,