Attached audio clips don't stay with the slides?

Aug 15, 2011

I'm working with a course of nearly 100 slides, for which I recorded audio separately and imported for each slide, to keep it from disappearing as it tends to do randomly when I record inside of Presenter.  Keeping it separate works perfectly, except that when I had to insert new slides in the Powerpoint, I assumed the audio imported would stay with the slides to which they had been attached.

Apparently not?  Because now everything from the point I inserted new slides is all out of order and I'm going to have to sit here and reattached over 85 audio clips.

Recording from within Presenter would have kept the clips together - until it decided to dump them, which was a frequent problem I've had with Articulate. 

Has anyone had this happen?  Any tricks to reduce the rework next time?

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Denise Cook

Actually, I have to take that back - ALL of the audio is out of place, not just from the point of the new inserts but from slide ONE.  The only ones that are right are the new recordings I did for the 4 new slides.  Everything else is just all scrambled with different slides.  And this is a course that was perfectly fine last night when I published it.  I still have the published file which plays correctly.  It's when I opened the PPT and added new slides that it seems all of the audio just jumped around like jumping beans.

Peter Hers

I have done many, many changes such as you describe, using imported sound files, on presentations with between 10 and 100 slides, and I've never had this problem.  Sounds like something has got screwed in the internal information in the .ppta file.

From experience, when that happens all sorts of strange things can happen.  Although it seems like a lot of work, copying the slides to a new .pptx file, and then reapplying all the Articulate features sorts this out.

Denise Cook

Thanks, Peter.  Since I had all of the sound files separately, I was able to reattach them to the slides. Other than that, the PPT file was fine, nothing else was out of place.

Another weird thing was that a large number of slides not only had the wrong file attached but the files would play portions of two different sound clips, as if there were multiple sound clips attached and it would start reading one then jump to another.

If I didn't have these separately, I would have had to rerecord, so I'm definitely not going to chance recording from the Articulate ribbon.

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