Attachment links to documents with prompts not working

Hi, perhaps someone else has run into this before, but I couldn't find anything on the forums:

My Attachments tab contains URLs to several documents stored on a web site. Two of the links go to files that prompt the user to "Open" or "Save" the file. The URLs work fine in development mode. However, when published for both Web and LMS, they do not work. When I click the link from the Attachments tab, Articulate briefly opens up another browser tab, shows "Connecting" and then immediately closes it. I suspect this is a function of the two files exhibiting the "Open/Save" prompt, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Jennifer Bircher

Hi Peter,

Sorry for my delayed response - for some reason I didn't get an email notification when you replied, then I went out of town blah blah blah...

As a P.S. to my initial post, the two links with the "Open or Save" prompts do work fine on an LMS. However, they are still disappearing (after trying to connect...) when published to a Web server. We've worked with the suggested security settings in the past, but for this issue, I'm not sure that's the problem. Even if it is, we have no control over the user's Web security settings on their browsers, so we're unable to implement that solution.

Thanks for your help - let me know if there's anything else you think might work.


Justin Wilcox

It must be Friday. Sorry about that. OK. It's all coming back to me. The only workaround would be one of these:

  • Use the File attachment rather than a link attachment. This issue only occurs with Link attachment types.
  • Create a web page online that has the links and send them there.
As far as I know, those are the two ways to workaround that issue.