Attachments and Properties disappeared?

Feb 14, 2012

I'm JUST about to publish my course.  The last thing I had to do was add a few more attachments (there was already one on the attachments window).  I clicked the Attachments button and not only can I NOT see the previous attachment, there's no way to add another attachment!  Yikes. (Previewing does show that the one attachment is still available in preview mode.)

  I can click on a row, but when I try to click the ... browse button to find a file, nothing happens.  The row is empty.  The buttons that I can see are not enabled or they don't work.  The same thing happened to my Properties window.  I cannot see a single slide.  What on earth happened? 

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Deb Korbel

I'm going to write my own solution here.  I closed Presenter, restarted my machine, re-opened, and the problem was resolved.  The Attachments window came back to me!   I thought maybe I had lost an Add-in or something.  But that wasn't it.  After sending an email to Support, they replied next morning with the same solution.

Evidently, restarting your machine resolves lots of problems in Presenter.  Note to self ...

Justin Wilcox

Hi Deb.

It sounds like Presenter was running as a process in the background which was causing issues with you being able to use the menu. You actually shouldn't need to restart your computer if you encounter this in the future. I created a quick screencast which outlines how to kill the AP6.exe process and that should allow you to use Presenter again. Check it out:

Jack Konrath

Very helpful, Justin, but how does this ap6.exe process get orphaned? I would like to understand the set of conditions that leave this process running when it shouldn't be. It has caused me to lose work and time when I tried to add 40 links as attachments. After typing them in and clicking "OK", I previewed only to find the attachments missing. When I shut the preview window and again selected "Attachments" from the Articulate ribbon, all of the attachments were gone. When I found your post, I checked to see if the ap6.exe process was running, and sure enough it was. I shut it down, but too late to save retyping 40 links. Is this a "Best Practices" issue? Should one check to be sure this process isn't running before trying to add attachments? If not, how do I avoid the conditions that leave  this process running when it shouldn't be running?

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