Attachments. Can I re-order them?

Dec 28, 2010

I just noticed somethign on a project I'm working on. It has 8 attachments, and my SME just requested that we add a couple more, but we want to add them at the top of the list, rather than at the end. I'm not seeing a way to insert a new attachment except at the bottom of the list. Does anyone know of a way to reorder the attachments (besides deleting the ones that are already in there and starting over with a different order?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bob and Cindy - yeah, there isn't currently a way to do that within the attachments feature. I've submitted a feature request for this on your behalf. In the meantime, here are a couple workarounds.

One way is to use an Engage FAQ interaction to organize your attachments, instead of using the regular Attachments feature. You can add the interaction as a toolbar tab on your player, and you could even call it Attachments if you want. It's really easy to rearrange the items within your FAQ -- in Engage, you just drag the items to appear in whatever order you want. Justin had a good screencast about this: (This is also a nice solution if you want to arrange your attachments in groups.)

Another way (although it's more work), would be to publish your project and open your presentation.xml file in a text editor and re-order things manually ... the attachments are listed there in the order they were added, each of them between <Doc> and </Doc> tags. This approach can be a pain though because if you republish, you'd have to make the same edits again.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mike- the attachments you add to your player will be shown in the same order in which you added them. There really isn't a way to reorder them once they're added, except to remove them and add them back in a different order ...please feel free to add your voice to the feature requests for that option. In the meantime  if you need more flexibility you could perhaps try the Engage FAQ method mentioned above, if you have Articulate Engage.

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