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Feb 21, 2013

Earlier today, I asked our IT guy put an Articulate course onto on our website for the Subject Matter Experts to review. In the course, I have several links and several PDFs added as attachments in a tab. All of the URL links work fine.

But the PDF links all take me to a "page not found" message, against a backdrop of our website. They work fine for the IT guy in his office. I work from home so I asked someone else at the office to look and they, like me, couldn't get to the PDFs.

I'm using Internet Explorer 9 and have updated my flash and adobe reader both to the latest versions.

At the end of the day, our IT guy realized he was using Firefox instead of IE and when he switched to IE, he got the same result as I had.  So I then tried accessing the course through Google Chrome and the attachments worked fine for me, too.

Unfortunately, most people who will need to see the course will be using IE. 

Has anyone else encountered this problem with attachments and IE?  Could it be that I need a newer version of Articulate or have I missed an update? 

When I publish or preview it from my computer, IE allows me to see the attachments. It's only when it's on the website that I can't get to them.



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Jon DeMartino

I turned off the pop-up blockers and my security and privacy settings were already at default. The advanced setting is not at default but the pop-up I get when I try to set it to default tells me to close all other programs first. They are all closed but it still won't let me change the setting. Also, the directions for this change state it shouldn't be done unless the browser is in an unstable state and my browser isn't.

So...I made the other changes and the settings are all as directed in the link you supplied. The program was published in web format and is on a website, not an LMS. I'm still unable to open the attached PDFs on the website.

Previous courses I tried this with had the same result on our website but when I published for a LMS and send the files to my client, everything worked fine on their LMS.

I'm stymied.

Oh, and one other glitch. On our website, the headings of "outline" and "notes" don't appear in the side menu; the tab tops are blank. (content is fine on both tabs). They are not visible to our IT guy either. I checked the program and the headings are in there and also they appear when I publish it on my computer.

Jon DeMartino

I'll post whatever I find out. I just sent him an email and asked the question. I know we do have a special firewall, so that may be it. People on site wouldn't be able to download Firefox or Chrome without administartive rights so we can't ask them to do that.  It will have to be viewed in IE.

In my loosely knit plan, I envision removing any PDF attachments from the course tab and posting them elsewhere on our site, with just a URL link in the tab. The URL links seem to be working fine.

Thanks for the ideas and your prompt replies.

I'll let you know what happens.

Have a nice weekend...It's snowing here and I'm watching the birds at the feeders outside my window. It's a relaxing start to the weekend.

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