Audio breaks for fraction of a second when changing the slide (Presenter '13)

Dec 03, 2014

I have a powerpoint presentation.

I imported a single voiceover file (with loop music in beginning & end) across entire presentation.

Then through audio editor I defined slide transitions. (And then synced animations).

First four slides have continuous loop Music, which fades and then voice over starts.

My problem is that when I publish it and play the published presentation, during first 4 slides during each slide transition, audio breaks for fraction of a second and then continues. This happens for each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th slide.

After first 4 slides, I have no problem since voiceover pauses for a second between slides.

Can you kindly help me fix this problem? All I want is continuous Audio in its original form without any breaks.


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Sam Orlando

Hello Leslie,

I thought that this is a common thing and there should be already some workaround thought of.

I have created a test package for demonstration of the problem. Each time slide changes, audio breaks. Audio should have kept going without breaking while slide transits to next one. That should be default behavior to my opinion.

Thought test package has PLAYER configured for all options. I also removed all the options from the PLAYER itself during my diagnosis of the problem, thinking that it should make the player a little light weight. But that hasn't helped either.

Kindly let me know how can this be fixed?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sam!

You want to be sure that you are adding that audio to a playlist.

Here's how to manage your library of playlists in Articulate Presenter '13.

I'm attaching my example with the audio you provided as a playlist, but because of the breaks in your audio clips, you will still hear breaks, but notice they are NOT during slide transition.

Hope this helps.

Sam Orlando

Thanks Leslie

Happy with the outcome from your project. It does transit across slides without audio break.

So does it mean that I'll have to add the Music MP3 through Playlist and Voiceover MP3 through Import Audio?

I'll try to see how they interact with each other and what end result will be. But do you know any restrictions that apply?

That tutorial didn't mention on how to span single file across multiple slides. But I'll play around to figure it out.


Thanks again.

Leslie McKerchie

I would be sure to add an applicable playlist via your library as shared above and yes, you would want to apply that to all the slides that you want it to play across. This will prevent the 'breaking' that you previously heard.

If you add narration to the slides in addition to the playlist, yes it will work.

Hope that's what you are asking.

If you are having difficulty publishing, you may need to conduct a repair. Be sure that you are working locally :)

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