Audio disappears

Running Presenter '09 on a Lenovo T420s with Windows 7. I've written a lesson and was editing it. I tried to open Audio Editor -- it started to open, then I got an error message. Closed the PPT file, opened it again, and opened the Audio Editor -- there were no "sound waves" visible. No audio, either, when I tried to play. If I open "Record Audio," each slide lists a length of 0.000. 

This is the second time this has happened, but the first time it was only on select slides, so I just re-recorded the audio. But this is an entire 17-minute lesson.

FWIW, this never happened on my old Dell laptop. 

The only other thing that happened is that there is a Notepad file titled "ae" that suddenly appeared in the same folder, created right about the time of the first error message. The entire contents of it are: [Presenter]


Your help is appreciated, I need to deliver this lesson tomorrow.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Michael:

Sometimes presenter will create a new ppta file which messes up your relationship with your "old one." Do you see two ppta files in the folder where your ppt presentation is? If so, delete the one that at the "new" as a suffix. It will also have basically nothin in it.

If that is the case, make sure you ppta file and ppt file are named identically. Then they can recognzie one another again. --Daniel

Peter Anderson

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the trouble. Does your Lenovo have SoundMax or Corel WinDVD installed? If so, check this out

And as far as your missing audio, if the steps from the article you mentioned don't apply, I'd recommend contacting our support team for additional help. Again, sorry for the trouble you're experiencing.