Audio Doesn't Play on Random Slides

Hey there:

For over a year now, my company has had an audio issue that appears randomly for courses created in Studio. Either the slide audio plays at a lower volume than the rest of the course, or the slide audio simply does not play at all (until you click away from the slide and return to it).

This issue occurs in both Articulate Review and SCORM Cloud. That is, if we watch the course in either of these platforms, the audio issue appears at random, rarely on the same slides.

When we create/convert these same courses to Storyline, the issue seems to go away.

Have others had this same problem? Would love some feeedback/ideas as to what's causing this issues, as there is currently no solution we have been able to detect.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Brandon!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like the audio issue only happens in SCORM cloud and Review 360, but it's not consistent. Would you mind if we took a look at your project to see what is causing the snag?

You can attach your project to this discussion or share it with our Support Engineers in a support case.

Brandon Dameshek

Hey Lauren:

While I appreciate the offer, I don't see there being any need, as my co-worker has experienced this same issue with several of his courses and has already submitted and received support from Articulate. Ultimately, Articulate was unable to replicate the issue on the same slides, but did encounter the same issue on other slides in the course, thus the reason for my post. Articulate does not seem to know what is causing the issue, which is why I wanted to know if other folks have encountered this and how/if they solved the problem.