Audio editor causes powerpoint to crash

Feb 15, 2016

Hi - I am experiencing an issue with audio editor.  I see that this seems to have been a problem for others in the and the most recent posting I saw (from about 7 months ago) indicates there is still no fix.  Every time that I try to open audio editor (in one particular file), it causes powerpoint to crash.  I am working off my local hard drive and have upgraded my software to the most recent version (includes update 7).  Are there any fixes for this issue?

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Bob Wiker

Sarah, you've no doubt read the other thread on this issue, which Leslie pointed to. You and I both commented in that other thread. I didn't mention, though, what I tried to remedy the issue on my computer. (It crashed with every Presenter file, not just a single one.)

I did all 7 steps in the Windows 7 section of the Erratic Behavior article Christie pointed you to, plus the additional 5 steps too. I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleaned registries, ran .bat files, reinstalled the .Net framework, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools, Flash Player, you name it. Hours and hours of tinkering/troubleshooting and nothing made any difference.

Near the end of my visionquest, our IT folks talked with Articulate folks and the consensus was that the graphics card in my laptop was the source of the issue. However, a few months later it all started working again; clearly it wasn't the graphics card! My best guess is that it was resolved  serendipitously by some Windows patch/update pushed onto my computer by our IT folks during their weekly bloodletting. We will never know.

Here's hoping you have better luck, maybe after only a few steps!

Sarah Sayewich

Thanks for your reply Bob.  I tried and tried for hours and did many of the things suggested in the various threads.  Miraculously the audio editor "worked" again!  I was able to get in and edit the audio on a few slide.  I then hit "save and close" to save my work - all was well.  The audio editor loaded again on the second try, but when it opened, the audio for 80/85 slides was gone.  I tried going into a backup version that I had (which contained all of the audio) and again the audio editor opened but all of the audio is gone (even though the size of the Presenter file didn't change which would suggest it has to be saved somewhere).  I've sent the file into Articulate help now, so hopefully they have a fix.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.  Much appreciated!

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