Audio has disappeared - and other quirky things

I am looking for some coaching here.

2 times, after I have published a web zip file for our reviewers, I have gone back to the ppt with edits and the audio has disappeared.  The good news is I use audacity to record audio mp3s so the actual audio isn't missing - I just have to re-import all of the audio and in many cases, re-sync the animations and annotations.

Also, at times, I can't get back to powerpoint from the taskbar in windows. This is typically after I have zipped a file or imported audio.  (I click on the icon but ppt won't become the active window).  A couple of times I have been successful with the task manager, but, most often it just won't come back and I have to re-start my computer.

Any coaching you all can provide as to what I may be doing wrong (or might do better) would be greatly appreciated!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jill! Sorry to hear you are having a tough time.  This article may help you with your lost audio issues.  As far as getting back to Powerpoint, it sounds like you may have an open dialog somewhere.  You can locate all of your open dialog boxes by toggling via Alt+Tab to see if this would help you out.