Audio has disappeared in Presenter project

I saved my Presenter project as a power point file and today when I opened it the sound audio seems to have been removed.  I did export audio when I last used the project, but the intention was to copy the audio in another place for safe keeping. 

Did I somehow remove the audio?

Would appreciate any help.


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Tami A


Thanks for this response. Several of the factors described in that article apply to me. First of all I was saving the project on the network drive and it is very likely I had projects with different extensions filed together with the same name...I'm glad I saved all of the audio and video separately, in case all else fails. But, I will work through the solutions listed in the article.

Big important lesson learned for me.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tami!

We only discussed the audio before and if you reference the document that I shared above, you should be able to import more than one file at at time.

If you lost video and quizzes as well, yes, you would need to add these back in.

Be sure that you are working totally local and be sure to save your file as an Articulate Package if you need to share or move things in the future.

Tami A

Hi Leslie,

I have a question. If my Presenter file is saved as an "Articulate package" on my network drive as I continue to work on developing my project, then within the package do I open to resume working on the package?

Say that hypothetically speaking, my computer has issues and my "in progress" copy that is on the C drive is lost or damaged. I then turn to the backups that I have saved as Articulate packages on my network drive.... What file do I open to resume working on my project?



Tami A

Also, on a different topic,

I am working on another Articulate Presenter project. I was originally working off of my desktop, but moved it to the C drive - given my unfortunate experience with the first project. I just exported my audio files to a folder on my C drive as back up, as I continue to work on my project. Immediately after exporting my audio files, when I open "Audio Editor" to continue working on my project it appears to be frozen and the audio will not play.

I closed out of audio editor and did a preview of a few slides and there is no audio to accompany them in the Preview pane.

It looks as though I may have just lost my audio again! This project does not have videos or quizzes in it as yet.

Would appreciate any insight...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tami!

You should be able to access everything through your Powerpoint file.

So, sounds like you moved your file, and the ppta file may have broken off. The following information was in the article I shared above.

You've moved or renamed your PowerPoint file

Moving or renaming the PowerPoint file could break the link between the PowerPoint file and its corresponding ppta file, which will make it appear that your audio is missing. To restore your missing audio:

  1. Close PowerPoint.
  2. Go to the folder where your presentation is stored and locate the new (empty) ppta file, which has the same name as the PowerPoint file.
  3. Rename or delete the new ppta file to break its link with the PowerPoint file.
  4. Place the original ppta file in the same folder as the PowerPoint file, and make sure it has the same name as the PowerPoint file. (If you moved the PowerPoint file, you may need to check the original folder where it was stored to locate the original ppta file.)

As long as the PowerPoint file and the original ppta file are in the same folder and have the same name, they'll re-link and your audio will be restored.

If you need to move your project files, create an Articulate Package that contains a copy of all the project's resources, then transfer it to the new location and extract it.